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Case Study: Streamlining Patient Flow with advanced AI Predictions

Case Study: Streamlining Patient Flow at a Large Scandinavian Hospital with ALZA CARE's Advanced Predictions

The Challenge

A leading Scandinavian hospital was grappling with a challenging operational bottleneck. Patient flow was often disrupted due to unpredictability, leading to crowded corridors and emergency rooms filled beyond capacity. The hospital was constantly wrestling with an unwieldy patient backlog, causing patient discomfort and straining hospital resources. Coupled with this, the extended length-of-stay and high readmission rates further complicated their operations, adding additional layers of complexity to their already strained processes. These conditions were not only detrimental to the overall efficiency of the hospital, but they also severely affected the quality of patient care.

The Solution

In an effort to address these multifaceted challenges, the hospital turned to Sumo Analytics and its AI-driven decision support tool, ALZA CARE. By deploying ALZA CARE's advanced AI predictions, the hospital could revolutionize its patient flow management process. This included accurate predictions for patient arrivals, length-of-stay of stay, and risk of readmission - all key factors for efficient resource allocation and optimal patient flow. This AI solution offered not only predictive insight but also generated actionable recommendations, enabling hospital management and planners to make informed, data-driven decisions.

The Outcome

The integration of ALZA CARE into the hospital's operational framework resulted in a dramatic shift in its patient flow management. The average patient length-of-stay was reduced by 18%, alleviating the pressure on hospital resources and significantly reducing the number of corridor patients. The tool's capability to predict readmission risks within 30 days led to targeted and timely interventions, resulting in a notable decrease in readmissions by 19%.

By leveraging the predictive power of ALZA CARE, the hospital was able to enhance both patient care and operational efficiency. Its significant impact is underscored by the substantial decrease in length-of-stay and readmission rates. Today, the hospital continues to leverage ALZA CARE's advanced AI predictions as a cornerstone of their operations, driving ongoing improvements in patient care and operational efficiency.

To learn how ALZA CARE's predictive solutions can streamline your hospital's operations, see further information here.


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