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At Sumo Analytics, partnerships are fundamental to our mission of making advanced AI and data science universally accessible. We see partners as invaluable collaborators, extending our reach and amplifying our impact globally.


Our vision is a collaborative, interconnected world where businesses, regardless of their location or sector, can harness the transformative power of AI. This vision fuels our drive to build meaningful relationships that help diversify the application of our solutions and enrich client experiences.


Grounded in respect and shared ambitions, our partnerships offer access to cutting-edge AI technology and inclusion in an ambitious venture within the global tech ecosystem.

Ways to Partner with Us

Referral Partnerships

This is an opportunity for businesses or individuals to extend their reach into the AI industry without needing specific AI expertise. By referring potential clients to us, you can earn a percentage of the revenue generated. Whether you're an individual with a network that can benefit from our services or a business seeking to enhance your portfolio, referral partnerships offer a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Strategic Partnerships

We are open to collaborations with businesses in various sectors, from healthcare to aviation to supply chain management. With strategic partnerships, we augment your offerings by integrating advanced AI and data science solutions, deepening your client relationships and enhancing your competitiveness in the market.

Technology Partnerships

For software companies looking to enhance their products with predictive analytics and AI, we offer our technology as an embedded component. This form of partnership enables you to offer more powerful and accurate solutions to your clients, enhancing their satisfaction and your software's value.

Educational Institution Partnerships

We believe in fostering the next generation of AI professionals. We're open to partnerships with educational institutions, providing access to our resources and expertise to help equip students with practical knowledge and experience in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

Non-Profit and Government Partnerships

At Sumo Analytics, we recognize the potential of AI to address societal challenges. We're eager to collaborate with non-profit organizations and government bodies to implement data-driven solutions that improve services and outcomes for the community.

Investment or Incubator Partnerships

We're open to collaborations with venture capital firms, incubators, or accelerators that see potential in our technology and share our vision of making AI universally accessible. Through these partnerships, we aim to further develop and scale our solutions.

In all our partnerships, we are committed to a collaborative approach, shared success, and the global advancement of AI technology. Together, we can accomplish more.

How it Works:
Embarking on a Partnership Journey

At Sumo Analytics, we prioritize relationships and collaborations that foster success. So, if you're considering joining us on our mission to revolutionize industries with data and AI, here's a snapshot of the partnership journey.

Step 1: Connect

Reach out to us. We’re always eager to discuss potential collaborations. Together, we'll explore the partnership model that fits best with your goals and aspirations.

Step 2: Explore

Once we've established a potential fit, we'll dive deeper into the specifics of our partnership. This could include an overview of the products or services you're interested in, the operational requirements, and the commercial framework.


Step 3: Align

Once we've identified the parameters of our partnership, we'll work together to develop a mutually beneficial agreement. We understand the importance of a partnership that is fair, sustainable, and profitable for both parties.


Step 4: Launch

After the agreement is finalized, we'll provide all the necessary training, materials, and support to help you succeed. This can include product training, sales enablement, and marketing support.


Step 5: Grow

Our partnership doesn’t end with the launch. We believe in continuous growth and improvement. We'll routinely check in to ensure the partnership is thriving, and we'll continually look for ways to enhance and expand our collaboration.

And the best part? Our partnerships often include revenue-sharing or other forms of compensation. This ensures that as we grow, you grow. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Connect with Us

At Sumo Analytics, we welcome new opportunities for collaboration and partnership. If our mission resonates with you and you're intrigued by the potential of working together, we'd love to hear from you.


Whether you have an idea for a partnership, questions about our process, or you're ready to begin the partnership journey, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us directly at:

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