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About Us

We Elegantly Marry Human Intelligence with AI for Unparalleled Performance

Sumo Analytics is a data science and AI laboratory, specializing in the realm of prediction science. We build and deploy advanced AI systems that elegantly marry human intelligence with the computational power of artificial intelligence, enabling our clients to achieve unparalleled performance.


Our expertise goes beyond the fundamental, venturing into pioneering innovations in AI-driven predictive technology. We are committed to revolutionizing key operational areas by providing unprecedented accuracy at scale. Whether it's refining business strategies, making data-driven decisions, or predicting future trends, our robust AI solutions are designed to deliver tangible results.


At Sumo Analytics, we are not just developers, but also innovators. We prioritize safety in our AI systems, ensuring that they operate responsibly and ethically in all scenarios. We believe in the power of AI, but we also understand the importance of human intuition and judgment. It's this balance that allows us to create solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

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We Pioneer Precision

Guided by a team of top-tier data scientists and AI researchers, we excel in creating bespoke solutions that tackle complex problems. Our expertise spans across various sectors, including healthcare, container ports & logistics, retail, and manufacturing, where we help organizations transition to a data-driven approach. Our solutions involve innovative methods with custom AI models, real-time analytics platforms, and comprehensive data strategies. Our track record in delivering tangible results is a testament to our technical prowess and dedication to our clients' success.

We believe in preparation. It's a mindset rooted in our DNA that has inspired us to develop the tools and solutions that help organizations understand the future and prepare better. The ethos at Sumo Analytics is underscored by our desire to know what tomorrow brings. It's not just about harnessing the power of AI; it's about utilizing these technologies to fuel our incessant curiosity, to engage in the relentless pursuit of learning, and to satiate our thirst for knowledge. This philosophy is what propels us forward, empowering us to solve the most complex problems for our clients and redefine the frontiers of AI and prediction science.

Sumo Analytics Core Values

At Sumo Analytics, we've fostered a culture of pioneering, learning, and partnerships. A culture that shapes how we approach every problem and drives us to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in AI and data science. It's a culture that's alive and evolving, just like the solutions we create.

We believe in pushing boundaries, in taking the road less traveled, and in the power of innovative thinking. It is this freedom to innovate that allows us to create AI systems that are not only groundbreaking but are also rooted in ethical and responsible use. At Sumo Analytics, we have created a space where ideas are nurtured, and imagination is valued.

Because in innovation, we find our future.

Innovation, precision, and a forward-thinking ethos

At Sumo Analytics, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of human intellect, AI power, and a dedication to precision. We venture beyond the conventional, pushing boundaries in AI-driven predictive technology and redefining the frontiers of prediction science. Our solutions are designed to transform key operational areas, delivering unparalleled performance, and real, tangible results.


Our commitment to innovation, responsible AI, and ethical operations is unwavering, as is our focus on safety and security. All of our actions are guided by our core philosophy: the belief in the power of preparation and understanding what tomorrow brings. As we move forward, our passion to innovate continues to fuel us.


We remain dedicated to our clients, promising not just solutions, but a partnership on their journey towards data-driven transformation. At Sumo Analytics, we don't just predict the future—we help shape it.

Discover how our services can transform your operations, enhance decision-making, and prepare your organization for the challenges of tomorrow.

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