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Demand planning optimisation is achieved through accuracy and automation

We understand that demand planning and supply chain optimisation cannot be obtained without accurate demand forecasting. We pioneer innovation and development in forecast technology and lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy, allowing our customers to see future demand with more clarity than ever deemed possible. 

Automated AI-powered Demand Forecasting

Demand planning and supply chain optimisation depends on the accuracy of the demand forecast. It’s a bottom-up approach, where decisions about procurement and inventory levels, replenishment and assortment selection, production planning, distribution and warehousing, all depend on expected demand. 

Sumo Analytics pioneers AI-powered forecast technology and delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy - the bedrock of demand planning optimisation - generating hyper-granular demand forecasts, scaling to millions of items across multiple categories. 

Our Cold Start technology generates forecasts for new products with no sales history whatsoever, with a short history, or eroded historical data due to external shocks, allowing for streamlined sales and superior operations planning under uncertainty.

  • AI-powered Demand Forecasting at Scale

  • Cold Start / Warm Start - New product forecasting

  • Promotion Forecasting

  • Return Forecasting 

  • Footfall Forecasting 

Predictive Procurement & Inventory Optimisation

Get the optimal quantity, at the right time, at the right location. You can significantly reduce the amount of cash tied up in inventory and eliminate stockouts; it simply depends on the accuracy of your procurement, which is based on the accuracy of the demand forecast. How much should be procured, when should the PO take place, and at what location should it be delivered is determined by the demand forecasts. 

Sumo Analytics’ Predictive Procurement technology delivers automated AI-driven procurement with unparalleled accuracy, streamlining the demand planning function and optimising inventory levels.  

  • Accurate AI-powered procurement

  • Cloud-based automation platform

  • Optimised inventory levels

  • Reduced cash tied up in inventory

  • Stockouts eliminated 

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Predictive Store Replenishment & Assortment Optimisation

With accurate demand forecasting down to the store level, automated replenishment becomes a reality. Individual retail locations will have optimised quantity delivered at the right time, which will reduce store-level stockouts and minimise in-store inventory. Reduce manual work and eliminate human error with our AI-driven Automated Replenishment solution. 

Sumo Analytics’ Assortment Optimisation technology allows retailers to match each location’s product selection to customer preferences and, consequently, increase conversion rate. As a result, individual stores can offer the products that attract and retain customers with higher lifetime value. 

  • Automated replenishment

  • Fewer stockouts

  • Reduced human error

  • Optimised assortment selection

  • Increased conversion rate 

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Predictive Warehouse Replenishment

When splitting up physical goods and distributing inventory across different fulfilment centres, the questions loom: How much and when should be distributed at each and every geographical location, and how much safety stock should be kept. The accuracy of our demand forecasts allows our clients to significantly reduce their safety stock levels and distribute inventory with much higher precision. 

Sumo Analytics’ Predictive Warehouse Replenishment solution is second to none and leads to streamlined warehousing and operational excellence.

  • Accurate inventory forecast

  • Significantly reduced safety stock levels

  • Stockouts eliminated

  • Optimised reorder point

  • Lower inventory cost 

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Demand planning optimisation is achieved through accuracy and automation


We work with retailers and wholesalers to implement automated AI solutions and comprehensive data-driven transformation by bringing vital knowledge and expertise to generate real value from data.

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We help manufacturers achieve data-driven transformation through advanced data science and automated AI solutions that improve organisational efficiency and establish leaner operations.

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We pioneer innovation and development in forecast technology and lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy across industries.

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