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We are in a class of our own when it comes to forecast accuracy

We pioneer innovation and development in forecast technology and lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy across industries. 

Cloud-based Automation Platform


We rise far above the basics and deliver advanced AI-driven forecasts that transform the most important parts of the operations. We’ve developed our own algorithms that help deliver superior accuracy, resiliency, minimise uncertainty and help organisations succeed in spite of continuous turbulence.


We forecast the future with the highest accuracy achievable. Whether it’s future demand, visits to emergency rooms at hospitals, number of calls into call centres, flight tickets, hotel guests, or anything else, our automated AI-driven forecasting technology delivers unprecedented levels of precision at scale.


We generate and deliver forecasts for new products or services, where there is no historical data whatsoever. Same goes for products with short history or eroded historical data due to economic or environmental shocks, supply chain disruptions or whatever could affect the data, our forecasting algorithms deliver unmatched accuracy.


Sumo Analytics' automated AI forecasting engine intelligently aggregates time series together into groups with automated clustering, scaling to forecast millions of items across tons of categories with unparallelled levels of precision and detail.


Our complex modelling can take into account all necessary external variables for highest accuracy achievable; supply chain disruptions, or anything that impacts your organisation, and automatically delivers the forecasts at scale to your front lines with precise predictions and clear future visibility.


Flexible deployment options embed accurate AI-driven forecasts in any system. Our technology easily integrates with whatever ecosystem you operate in, and therefore reduces IT complexity and unnecessary cost of maintaining many systems.

Any Industry
Any Size
Any Systems

Businessman looking at accurate AI-driven demand forecasts from Sumo Analytics

Functions as different as demand planning, risk assessment, workforce planning, and capital expenditure planning are essentially about understanding demand - which makes demand forecasting a critical activity.

We deliver forecasts with unmatched accuracy across multiple industries, allowing for streamlined operations and organisational excellence. We provide tailored solutions in any industry, with quick and easy implementation to any system.  

Some of our industries...


Accurate demand forecasts allow for superior revenue management and effective short- and long-term planning. As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionise aviation, Sumo Analytics is at the forefront with unmatched forecast accuracy. Learn more here.  

Call Centres

All planning within call centre operations depends on the expected amount of inbound calls, making forecasting a critical process for efficient call centre management. We deliver tailored forecasts for different timeframes and service functions for call centres of any size. 


Energy demand forecasting allows utility companies to make precise decisions about operations, supply, financial security, and more. Our powerful machine learning models take into account various external factors, delivering superior clarity of future energy consumption.


As pressure on emergency departments increases, AI-powered forecasting is a critical tool for hospitals in reaching operational excellence. We forecast ED visits and admissions with unprecedented accuracy for hourly/daily/ weekly/monthly timeframes. Learn more here


We help manufacturers succeed in an increasingly challenging global environment with superior demand planning and supply chain optimisation. Our automated AI solutions improve operational efficiency and with immediate impact on the bottom line. Learn more here.

Retail/E-commerce & Wholesale

With superior demand forecasting, demand planning becomes superior. We deliver AI-driven forecasting at scale with unparalleled accuracy, giving retailers the tool to optimise demand planning and supply chain management with reduced cost and maximised profits. Learn more.    

Tourism & Visitor Forecasting

How many tourists are expected daily, weekly, or monthly? How many visitors are expected at an airport at any given moment? Sumo Analytics' forecast technology helps organisations understand visitor levels with superior clarity, allowing for accurate planning and preparation. 

Can't see your industry? Our AI-powered forecast technology works in any industry, for organisations of any size, and can be delivered any way you want; APIs, direct system integration, web apps, or anything else.


Organisations that see the future with more clarity are more effective and have a clear competitive advantage. Supply chains can’t be run effectively without accurate demand forecasting. All the tools organisations use for procurement suggestions, inventory optimisation, or distribution and warehousing are all for nothing if the demand forecasts are inaccurate. Accuracy matters.

Same goes for hospitals that plan their operations far more effectively by forecasting patient visits and admissions; or in tourism where accurate forecasts help plan in advance for visitors and occupancy rates; or in aviation where effective revenue management depends on forecasted demand; or even when managing call centres where everything depends on knowing the levels of inbound calls.

Obviously, the more accurate the forecasts are, the more effective the organisation. This applies to any industry. We are second to none when it comes to forecasting. We have built our own algorithms to help us forecast with superior accuracy and are helping organisations across multiple industries with seeing the future with more clarity and achieving operational excellence.

Find out how our advanced forecast technology can help your organisation and request a no obligation meeting with us.