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Improving efficiency and operational excellence

Demand planning optimisation is about accuracy and automation. Our AI-driven demand planning technologies are second to none, delivering unprecedented levels of accuracy, leading to streamlined operational efficiency and supply chain optimisation.


The pressure on retailers has never been greater, as the empowered consumer increases their expectations of receiving goods in the right condition, at their preferred location, at their preferred time, and still maintaining operational efficiency and ROI. This makes data-driven transformation imperative in the low-margin hyper-competitive retail environment. 


As retailers strive to adapt to what’s convenient for consumers, demand planning optimisation with accurate demand forecasts  is required. The current retail environment evolves at a dizzying pace where data science and AI solutions are transforming the customer experience and how retailers operate. 

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Woman Shopping for Groceries in a supermarket using AI solutions

Consumers are more informed and connected than ever before and expect retailers to recognize and adapt to their ever-evolving spending habits. And as competition increases, the pressure to optimize the supply chain is mounting as organizations need to deliver products at the desired time and place faster than ever before. 


Obviously, as all this needs to be achieved, the requirement to decrease cost, increase operational efficiency and guarantee flawless customer experience persists. Sumo Analytics delivers next-generation AI-driven demand planning solutions for retailers for operational excellence and supply chain optimisation. We bring vital knowledge and expertise and apply advanced AI solutions to support retailers on their journey to data-driven transformation.

Demand planning optimisation is achieved through accuracy and automation. We specialise in forecasting and pioneer innovation and development in forecast technology, leading the field when it comes to demand forecast accuracy - the bedrock of supply chain optimisation.

  • Automated AI-powered Demand Forecasting

  • ​Predictive Procurement

  • Inventory Optimisation

  • ​Predictive Store Replenishment

  • Assortment Optimisation​

  • Predictive Warehouse Replenishment 

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Accurate AI-driven Demand Forecasting

Using historical data along with various external variables to customise multiple forecast models for the highest possible accuracy achievable.

Predictive Procurement Optimisation

Optimised procurement allowing organisations to accurately buy the exact right quantity, at the right time, delivered at the right location. 

Inventory Optimisation

Our AI-powered technology allows you to significantly reduce the amount of cash tied up in inventory, and eliminating costly stockouts.

Return Forecasting

Using AI solutions to predict the likelihood of purchased products being returned, and forecast the return volume both in the short-term and the long-term.  

Predictive Store Replenishment

An automated process where individual retail locations get the right quantity of products at the right time with the use of advanced predictive modelling. 

Assortment Optimisation

An AI-driven technology that allows retailers to match each location’s product selection to different and ever-changing customer preferences.

On-Shelf Availability

Our Statistical Availability Monitoring actively detects lost sales and provides information to implement corrective actions.

Promotion Forecasting

Accurately forecasting the impact of different trade promotions on demand, allowing for better planning and streamlined sales.

Daily Footfall Forecasting

We accurately forecast store visitor traffic, both short-term and long-term, to support planning and staffing requirements for different store locations.

Predictive Warehouse Replenishment

Distribute inventory across different fulfilment centres with precision - optimised quantity at the right time - leading to reduced safety stock and fewer stockouts.

Online Product Recommendation

Identify the most effective products to offer each and every customer to impact purchasing decisions with increased sales and cross-selling.

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Our services to retailers can be delivered in multiple ways; APIs, direct system integration, web apps, or anything else.

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We pioneer innovation and development in demand forecast technology and lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy - the bedrock of demand planning optimisation

Learn more about our AI-powered forecast technologies here HERE

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