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Transforming Manufacturing Excellence with Advanced AI & Predictive Analytics


AI Transformation in Manufacturing

As industry 4.0 propels us forward, AI and data science emerge as key facilitators in shaping a new era for the manufacturing sector. They unlock unprecedented levels of precision, efficiency, and productivity by transforming data into actionable insights. At Sumo Analytics, we leverage these groundbreaking technologies to address core challenges in manufacturing. Whether it's optimizing demand forecasting, inventory management, or maintenance schedules, we devise tailor-made AI solutions to elevate your operational performance and competitiveness in this dynamic environment.


Sumo Analytics Use Cases

AI-driven Demand Forecasting

Sumo Analytics offers an Auto ML solution that forecasts demand with unprecedented accuracy. Leveraging AI and machine learning, we build bespoke forecast models using your historical data and relevant external variables. The superior accuracy of our demand forecasts empowers manufacturers to precisely align their production plans, effectively avoiding overproduction and stockouts.

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Predictive Procurement Optimisation

Thanks to our highly accurate demand forecasting, your procurement becomes predictive and highly optimized. You can buy the exact quantity of raw materials at the optimal time, reducing waste and ensuring timely production. This leads to considerable cost savings and a leaner, more efficient supply chain.

Inventory Optimisation

Our Auto ML technology not only ensures superior demand forecasting but also contributes to significant inventory optimization. By accurately predicting demand, we help you maintain optimal inventory levels, significantly reducing stockouts and the cash tied up in inventory. This equilibrium enhances your return on investment and ensures smooth operations.

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Predictive Warehouse Replenishment

With the help of our precise demand forecasting technology, we can offer predictive warehouse replenishment. By understanding when demand will surge, we provide accurate information on when and where warehouses across different geographic locations will require replenishment. This reduces the need for safety stock and eliminates stockouts, making your warehouse operations more efficient.

Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance solution uses AI to detect potential machine breakdown before it happens. By enabling proactive maintenance, we ensure minimal production downtime, enhance the lifespan of your equipment, and improve operational efficiency. This level of foresight dramatically reduces costs associated with sudden machine failure and unplanned maintenance.

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Use Cases

Case Studies

Streamlining Operations for a European Beverage Manufacturer

The beverage manufacturer, a market leader in Europe, faced challenges managing its inventory and warehouse operations due to unpredictable demand patterns. The complex supply chain combined with seasonality made it challenging to forecast accurately. This often led to overstocking and stockouts, tying up capital, and causing lost sales opportunities. Additionally, unanticipated machine downtimes further disrupted their production schedule and increased costs.

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"Sumo Analytics transformed our inventory and production management. Their Auto ML solution enhanced our forecast accuracy by 43%, freeing up a staggering €1M per month previously tied up in excess stock. The elimination of stockouts also boosted our sales and customer satisfaction. Sumo Analytics is an absolute game-changer in demand forecasting and warehouse management."

COO of a major European Beverage Manufacturer

Case Studies

At Sumo Analytics, we empower manufacturers with our cutting-edge AI solutions that deliver superior forecasting accuracy, optimize procurement, and significantly enhance operational efficiency. We are dedicated to using predictive analytics to drive industry growth, reduce costs, and unlock new avenues of profitability in the manufacturing sector.

Whether it's for services listed here or a unique challenge, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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