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Improving operational efficiency through automated AI solutions

Demand planning optimisation is about accuracy and automation. Our AI-driven demand planning technologies are second to none, delivering unprecedented levels of accuracy to manufacturers, leading to streamlined operational efficiency and supply chain optimisation.


SUMO Analytics helps innovative manufacturers succeed in increasingly challenging global competition and the complicated management of factories, supply chains, warehousing and distribution. Automated AI solutions improve operational efficiency and establish leaner operations with an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Car Factory
Beverage factory adopting data science and AI solutions

Automation is the fundamental goal of every manufacturer, creating a lean organisation that drives major productivity improvements, cuts costs, and enhances operational efficiency. SUMO Analytics’ AI-driven solutions help manufacturers achieve operational breakthroughs with demand planning solutions based on advanced technologies that allow forecasting demand with unprecedented levels of accuracy; improve procurement of raw materials, achieve inventory optimisation, automate warehouse replenishment, as well as predicting machine maintenance and breakdowns


Data-driven transformation pays off, as our advanced machine learning technologies are always on, constantly learning and improving, and establishing superior competitive advantage for manufacturers in an ever-challenging market. 

Demand planning optimisation is achieved through accuracy and automation. We specialise in forecasting and pioneer innovation and development in forecast technology, leading the field when it comes to demand forecast accuracy - the bedrock of supply chain optimisation.

  • Automated AI-powered Demand Forecasting

  • ​Predictive Procurement

  • Inventory Optimisation

  • Predictive Warehouse Replenishment 

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Accurate AI-driven Demand Forecasting

Using historical data along with various external variables to customise multiple forecast models for the highest possible accuracy achievable.

Predictive Procurement Optimisation

Optimised procurement allowing manufacturers to accurately buy the exact right quantity of raw material at the right time. 

Inventory Optimisation

Our AI-powered technology allows you to significantly reduce the amount of cash tied up in inventory and eliminate costly stockouts.

Predictive Warehouse Replenishment

Distribute stock across different fulfilment centres with precision, reduce safety stock and eliminate stockouts.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict machine breakdown before it happens, allowing maintenance teams to repair before machine failure impacts production.

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We customise our services to manufacturers and deliver solutions in multiple ways; APIs, direct system integration, web apps, or any fully tailored solution.

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We pioneer innovation and development in demand forecast technology and lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy - the bedrock of demand planning optimisation

Learn more about our AI-powered forecast technologies here HERE

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