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Grow and learn with a passionate team of data thinkers


The best way to describe us is that we’re completely obsessed with data. We live and breathe data every day as we strive to solve some of the most complex problems for our clients, where we place talent and teamwork above everything else.

It is our culture of perceptual curiosity, the never-ending relentless process of learning, the thirst for knowledge and the continuous creation of new technologies and methods that creates the optimal conditions for a new generation of data scientists and engineers.

Sumo Analytics data scientist team membe
The data science team at Sumo Analytics


Are you also obsessed with data? Are you passionate about new technologies like we are? Do you thrive in environments that challenge conventional thinking where critical, intuitive and creative problem-solving approaches are required? It certainly sounds like Sumo Analytics could be your new squad!

We’re a diverse and cross-cultural team of data scientists, data engineers and academics where everyone has something unique to contribute. Even though our colleagues are some of the smartest minds out there, individuals don’t win in data science, teams do. And that’s what we are; a team of passionate data thinkers that strive to deliver real business results.


All data wrestlers at Sumo Analytics are critical to the team. Working tightly together towards our common objectives is our winning formula - as well as yours. As a Sumo, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Grow in an encouraging and rewarding environment

  • Flourish in a culture of constant curiosity

  • Exchange ideas with highly-experienced and inspiring colleagues

  • Participate in exciting and challenging projects

  • Enjoy the freedom of working from home - or from anywhere

  • Make a huge impact on clients, your fellow Sumos, and yourself

This is a workplace where no two days are the same, where no projects are the same, where new and exciting challenges hit you all the time. Our culture of boundless curiosity and continuous learning give you the opportunity to create the best version of yourself.

data scientists and engineers at sumo an

Oh yes! And we're also particularly obsessed with forecasting. We lead the field when it comes to forecast accuracy across industries, and we aim to constantly innovate and develop AI-driven forecast technologies.  

We're always on the lookout for passionate forecasters, so, if you're a forecast mastermind we'd love to get to know you :)

Drop us a line at:

sumo analytics team solving problems.jpg
Data scientist at Sumo Analytics.jpg


POSITIVITY - We think in an optimistic way, constantly looking for solutions, the best results and success

CURIOSITY - This goes without saying; we accept nothing less than constant curiosity to learn and understand

PASSION - If there’s anything we all have in common, then that’s having a passion for what we do every single day

DRIVE - We stand for energy and determination and strive to be remembered for our enthusiasm for creating excellence

PROFESSIONALISM - Our credibility depends on trust, integrity and the delivery of cutting-edge solutions


Remote working

Home office setup /

Paid coworking space

Flexible working

Career development


Performance bonus

Paid leave

Gym reimbursement

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”


Paulo Coelho

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